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Steve Corona
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About Me

My whole life, I've been intrigued by psychology and human behavior. As the fourth of five kids, I had plenty of personalities to study, mimic, or engage with. As far back as I can remember, I've always enjoyed putting on a show and getting a reaction from my audience. And I've often found immense satisfaction in helping others discover and develop the abilities to perform, connect, and tell stories. As I grew up and became more aware of my natural empathy, I knew that was another tool that would come in handy as I began my career. 

After graduating with a Masters degree in Theatre, I was sure I would find success acting in movies and TV shows (and I have!)...but I had no idea back then what else life had in store for me. While I was getting some great on-set training and building my resume as an actor, I began teaching what I had learned about dialects to others. Eventually, a casting director referred me to a big-budget action film looking for a dialect coach for the lead actor - Gerard Butler. I seized the opportunity to coach at a very high level, and it was absolutely amazing! I learned so much while gaining confidence and invaluable experience as I continued to coach A-list actors. Besides helping these Hollywood elite create layers in their performances, I developed further insights into how top-level performers think and excel. 


As a film & TV character actor, I love playing roles in a variety of genres (from comedy to zombie) and periods (from the Wild West to early 1900's to 1990's and the present). In my first film role (Hamlet 2), I played a redneck wire works rigger. After that, I played an artist (Georgia O'Keeffe), an orderly (Breaking Bad), sinister prospector (The Lone Ranger), desk sergeant (Interrogation), and a Las Vegas newlywed (Army of the Dead). I've definitely had a wide variety of roles. See my Full Resume for more details!

As a dialect coach (pre-production, on-set, and post ADR), I've coached accents from around the world (General American, German, Irish, Russian, Texan, Pakistani, Arabic, Turkish, Swedish, Hungarian, and many more!). Some of my clients include: Helen Mirren (Love Ranch), Gerard Butler (Gamer), Jason Isaacs (Dig), Joel Smallbone (Priceless), Amber Midthunder (Priceless). It's pretty cool teaching people from everywhere to sound like they're from anywhere else. 

Eventually I realized that I could combine my experience in Hollywood with my natural fascination with psychology, and that's how Corona Productions was born! I've been coaching business professionals in the art and skills of acting and performance. I'm voicing audiobooks for authors who want their stories to be shared around the world. And I'm speaking to groups about discovering their inner voice, silencing the negative noise, and filling the world with joy.


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