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Historical Fiction is my playground of choice as an audiobook narrator. History's fascinating stories speak to me and I love bringing a cast of colorful characters to life. 


As a teacher - I also very much enjoy narrating Nonfiction audiobooks. It warms my heart to inspire listeners in self-development, business, or relationship books.

And as a dad with 12 years experience reading to my kids - I love a wide variety of Children's books as well! As my kids get older, I really want to narrate more audiobooks aimed at 10-12 year olds. The journey continues....



Listen to samples below and, when you're ready to discuss your project, email me HERE:

Audiobook Samples

Here's what people are saying about my audiobook work...

"The narration was fantastic and

I could 'see' the characters

in my mind!"

- review (Deborah Cline)

"Riveting - Steve Corona did an outstanding job of narration. Would love for him to continue narrating other books [in this series]!"

- review (Clare)

"I'm so happy I found Steve - he brought my story to life in a way no one else could."

- Linda Keen, author "John Lennon in Heaven"

"Steve engages the listener through natural pacing, by adding tension or giving the scene space when needed, and by breathing life into his characters not just with dialogue and tone, but inflection, articulation, and accents appropriate for their age and region." 

-Donna Hanson, author "Heroes, All"

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