Accents I've coached:

  • Gen. American

  • Mexican

  • Standard British

  • Cockney

  • Irish (Dublin)

  • Irish (Belfast)

  • French

  • German

  • Russian

  • Scottish

  • Texan

  • Minnesotan

  • Brooklyn (NY)

  • Italian

  • Pakistani

  • Argentine

  • ask for more!

Helen Mirren, for Love Ranch

Joel Smallbone, for Priceless

Dialect / Accent  Coaching

With over 16 years experience coaching some of Hollywood's elite, I've gained invaluable insights into what separates top performers from the rest. As a dialect coach, I have developed strategies and techniques that have taken performances from impressive to unforgettable. People learn best in different ways, and I adapt to best serve my clients, and help them achieve the specific dialect or accent they are aiming for.


I help people create vocal masks - adding accent, pacing, pitch, physicality, and other layers of interesting texture to their voice. 

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Some of my satisfied clients...

Jason Isaacs, for DIG (TV series on USA)

I Coach: 

Film & TV actors, Voice actors, Audiobook Narrators

Gerard Butler, for Gamer

  • "Dear Steve, Thank you so very much for your support and expertise. You are a f**king brilliant coach!"

       - Helen Mirren (Academy Award winner)

  • "After taking both Audiobooks & Dialects training with Steve @ Southwest Voices - I have more audiobook work than I can handle! It's incredible!"

        - Asaera Cote

  • "I have been cast in my first audiobook! A big shout out “Thank You” to my coach, Steve Corona. His experience as both an actor and coach are an invaluable combination that's hard to find anywhere else! And his current, working knowledge of the industry is spot on!"

        -Michael Silvestri 

  • "Before I found Steve, I was struggling to get voiceover work on my own. But after coaching with Steve, I gained all the knowledge and confidence that I needed. With Steve's help, my booking rate went through the roof! I highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for an amazing coach!"

       - Alan Blazek

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Here's what some of my clients are saying...